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Energy Alliance, Ltd.

Energy Alliance LLC is the owner of two deposits in Ural industrial region, Russia.

Gumbeyskiy deposit

It is a core asset of the company which is located in 36 km far from Magnitogorsk city, Ural region, Russia.

It is an open-pit mining of the granodiorites with mineral reserves in 37,884 Mt. It was founded in 1954.

The crushing and sorting facility consists from two individual manufacturing circuits with total capacity 250.000 ton of mined rocks per month.

Main products are the crushed stones with wide range of their fractions for a civil building, for construction of the rail-ways and motor roads.

Gulinskiy deposit

It is an open-pit mining of the limestones with following mineral reserves:

Location is 285 km at south from Chelyabinsk city, Ural. The revelation of deposit was made in 1952.

Main products of Gulinskiy mine and crushing factory are dolomites for agglomeration, for baking, for open-hearth furnaces, for flux producing, and fine fractions for building industry.